Imagenova was established with the main focus of breathing belief in to women, allowing them to appreciate and believe in their own beauty.
​I have always been a small town girl with a big city life dream that is passionate to empower women.
I am a PRO Makeup Artist &  self confessed Style Junkie dreaming about creating a positive and supportive platform for women of all ages to express their own unique beauty, style and personality.
​Makeup & Style are merely tools to enhance your most unique and beautiful features allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
Be Confidently Beautiful!
“Believe in your own beauty ~Elmarie”

All product reviews are honest and aligned with my ethical nature.

My reviews and opinions are based on my personal experience with the product mentioned in the review.

Due to the nature of my reviews (being beauty related); it’s essential that you understand that we are different and your opinion may be different from my opinion.

When a review was sponsored or received via PR package, my review and opinion will remain ethical and neutral to other reviews or the brand.

I will inform my followers accordingly that the product was sponsored, received via PR or paid for by myself.
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