With all the hype around the free L’Oreal Clay Masks in the Womans Health and Sarie Magazines this month (March 2018); I thought I would give you my humble and honest review on all three clay masks that’s available in South Africa.

Around Feb / Mar of last year I watched several videos of local influencer’s demonstrating how the masks work and how amazing these masks are. SO, obviously I decided to purchase them as there was such a huge hype created around these masks. Now keep in mind; everyone’s skin is not the same and one can expect that the product experience will be different for everyone. However, my experience with the masks was not what I was expecting or hoping it to be. Out of all three the masks, I only found that 1 (one) lived up to its “claim to fame” (PS: I love using this term to describe the promise brands make about their products deliverables, so…you better get used to it). This is also the only 1 that I have repurchased and that I have been using religiously. Here is my opinion in the order that I use the masks.

Glow Mask:

Glow Mask 2Contains: Koalin, Montmorillonite, Ghassoul and Red Algae.
Claim to fame: Brightens & Exfoliates.

The Glow Mask is the only mask with a granular texture, hence, the exfoliating factor. This mask is my favorite, the one I repurchased! I usually apply the mask on a fresh face, leave it to dry for 10 minutes and jump into the shower where I gently rub the mask in circular motion into my skin using lukewarm water whilst rinsing it off. Immediately my skin feels super soft, moisturized and brightened. This mask definitely lives up to its claim to fame.

Detox Mask:

Detox Mask 2
Contains: Koalin, Montmorillonite, Ghassoul and Charcoal.
Claim to fame: Detoxifies & Clarifies.

Both the Detox and Purity Masks are smooth and soft in texture; the texture reminds me of a thick Greek Yoghurt. The Detox Mask is my least favorite out of the three as for some weird reason; this mask gives me a burning and itching sensation. I will have the mask on for about 4-5 minutes then I have this urge to scratch everywhere and to get it off immediately. It also wrinkles up so bad and pulls on my skin that it leaves my skin red, dehydrated and little irritated, which I don’t like. I have given this mask 3 chances, but unfortunately…it’s not my cup of tea.

Purity Mask:

Pure Mask 2
Contains: Koalin, Montmorillonite, Ghassoul and Eucalyptus.
Claim to fame: Purifies & Mattifies.

So! I had very high hopes for the Purity Mask as it looks so calming and spa’like, that I thought this one was going to be my favorite. First off, I have to give credit where credit is due…this mask definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and silky, that much I can say! However, similar to the Detox Mask, when it dries down, it cracks up so bad! I look and feel like a Granny using this mask, I am even afraid to smile or speak, thinking my face might break into pieces; it cracks me up every time! As mentioned, it does what it is supposed to do; I simply just don’t enjoy how it dries down and therefore will use the mask maybe once a month. Come to think of it, I can’t even remember when last I used it.

Hope you enjoyed my review, let me know what’s your favorite masks? If you have a great DIY home Mask, I would love to know about it and try it!

Until next time, keep well and God bless!

Xoxo ~ EL

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