Nivea Product Review – Why we are Obsessed!

If you know me, you would know that I am obsessed with hygiene and when it comes to personal hygiene I am “paranoid obsessed”…lol! The Nivea product range has been our product of choice since forever and the products below are a standard monthly purchase for our household. I am beyond excited for the new product range and will do a full review on the new range once tried and tested.

Hubby’s Everyday Favorites:

DSC_0498 (e1)

It “takes two to tango”! Hubby has been blessed with a lot of hair and prefers these two “partners in crime” for the daily shave. Because he has to frequently shave, it’s essential that he use products that are delicate on his skin and he loves this combo! Let me share a secret with you (…but don’t tell hubby though) I also use the shaving gel and think I love it more than he does!
Sensitive Shaving Gel (R67.95)
Sensitive Post Shave Balm (R99.95)

DSC_0437 (e1)

Although the Shower Gel and Body Lotion has a slight scented smell, the Antiperspirant Body Spray has a fresh and clean smell that does not overpower his Perfume. Hubby has been using Nivea’s Body Lotion way before we met and he introduced Nivea to me. Although I do not enjoy the “light watery” feel of the body lotions, he lives for it! I prefer a thick and creamy body lotion but I do love the Soft Care range for my handbag and daughter’s school bag.
Antiperspirant Body Spray (R34.95)
Body Lotion (R48.95)
Shower Gel (R49.95)

DSC_0475 (e1)

The Girl’s Favorites:

DSC_0509 (e1)

Growing up, my father was extremely fussy about hygiene and being neat, we had to brush our teeth twice a day. Hence, my fear of smelling of sweat and bad breath. If Nivea ever had to discontinue (God forbid!!!) the Antiperspirant Fresh Natural Body Spray (specifically this one)…I would die…lol! I have tried so many products and this product is my ride/die. I can live without makeup, food and water but not without my sweat protector, this is my holy grail!!!! The Body Wash is a soft cream that has a clean smell; both my daughter and I love this product.[/font]
Antiperspirant Body Spray (R29.95)
Care Shower Creme (R49.95)

DSC_0523 (e1)

Summer is around the corner and we do not leave our house without protecting our skins. I have several of the Sun Protector’s in my handbag, our vehicles and even in my daughter’s school bag. I used to buy the Kids Moisturizing Sun Protector Spray…but ever so often it would disappear at kids parties even-though it was marked. Guess this product is favored by many!                                                                                                          Sun Protection Spray (R187.95)

DSC_0548 (e1)

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