Flawless Foundation Routine

Almost every day I get asked by random ladies about “what products I use to get my skin looking so flawless and what foundation I use”. I just smile and secretly thank Heavens for good genes! Nonetheless, I believe that eating a nutritional diet, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and that eight hour beauty sleep is pivotal for keeping that natural glow from within. Taking care of your body is also taking care of your skin, the biggest organ in your body that deserves the most TLC to ensure beautiful longevity. It’s also important to protect your skin from the outside by moisturizing every day, exfoliating as often as possible and applying SPF lotion/serum for days spent in the sun. That’s all, that my big secret…oh and; the good genes!!

I have religiously been using MAC Studio Fix Foundation for the past ten years and it’s my ride or die! Recently I have also grown to love the Catrice HD Foundation especially for the “quick out of the house” days; it dries down matte, it’s very forgiving to my pores and so easy to blend. My foundation routine is simple, I like medium to full coverage foundation, and I want my foundation to last all day…I hate touching up during the day, it’s a waste of productive time and I would rather take extra time in the morning to ensure that my foundation stay in place.

If you take the following step’s you will get the perfect flawless skin and foundation look that everyone desire; these are my steps:
Start from a clean/washed face and remember to sanitize your hands before touching your face
1) Apply moisturizers (wait 10 minutes for product to settle into your skin)
2) Apply primer (wait 3-5 minutes for product to settle into your skin)
3) Apply color corrector (only if needed, don’t add additional products to your skin if you don’t need it)
4) Apply foundation (wait 3-5 minutes for product to settle into your skin)
5) Apply concealer
6) Set the concealed areas with a Translucent Powder and/or Bake
7) Apply highlight and contour (liquid product)
8) Set your face with a Translucent Powder
9) Apply highlight and contour (dry product)
10) Apply blush, eye shadow etc.

You can also watch how I do my foundation routine on YouTube


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